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The facts are in. Fruit and veggies are the best source of nutrition you can find... and ripe, FRESH produce is guaranteed to provide the maximum benefit for you, your family and your budget.
But what exactly is the Valley FRESH difference?

...and that is to consistently aim our effort at maintaining a steady stream of gorgeous produce from scrupulous growers who hand pick as ripe as legally possible, pack gently into small quantities, and ship immediately to retailer unwashed, un-waxed, with peach fuzz and plum bloom intact! Since up to 70% of the flavor and nutrients of fruit develop in the last 3-5 days it spends maturing on the tree... Why would anyone pursue anything else? This is why we vigorously support our local agriculture. Often the produce you see was picked not just that week... but that very day! But it's not enough just to get the best. Upon arrival we properly handle, sort, display, rotate, and moderate storage temperatures to enhance the final ripening stage, letting sugars and juices flow. intentionally or directly support massive commercial production or any other methods of agriculture that work against nature or are likewise irresponsible. This approach has brought "nice looking" inexpensive fruit to our tables, in and out of season, but at the expense of flavor and nutrition...and our valuable resources. (Sadly, some of the best tasting varieties are now extinct due to these practices.) We also make no attempt to economize by buying volume and holding it in the cold until it hits "the bins". We buy and ship small quantities so that fruit can be picked and consumed at the peak of nutritional potency.

...and our knowledgeable friendly professionals are here to personally escort you through our entire selection, explaining care and ripeness of every item. We work hard to get awesome tasting produce and, since we assume you are shopping for something to eat, really prefer that you TASTE FIRST! There's no better method for checking if fruit is good or not! Let's face it, life is stressful and summer is too short to waste time, money and energy taking a risk with "mystery" fruit. But if that is not enough...

...we commit ourselves to selling only GOOD produce, with 100% satisfaction or we'll replace or refund, so that every dollar spent is on good fruit and vegetables alone...all summer long. We can't control the weather but you can put the odds in your favor. Because of you we continue to grow as each year we elevate our own standards so you can shop with confidence at our oasis. We want you to be happy...because we think you are worth it!

We support local producers

Links to local sites whose products we cheerfully provide in season.

The PERFECT summer job!

We are a local small business with a reputation that has been built on quality in all areas... and it starts with our people.

Could that be you?

We offer a vibrant team environment with positive, purpose-driven tasks. We provide superior customer service training and serve a healthy, integral product in an invigorating outdoor atmosphere.

Lots of hours, pay increases, tips, and a healthy staff discount available with opportunities for advancement... the perfect remedy for the "student loan blues". Dynamic personality, positive attitude, hard worker, people person, fruit lover, outdoor enthusiast... Did I just describe you?

If so and you're available June 1st - Sept 1st* send a resume w/ handwritten cover letter to:

c/o VFF, #4-339 N Marks St. TBay, ON, P7C 4G2

OR.. if you've got serious game (or know someone who does?) .. then show us your smile with style! Simply video yourself explaining exactly why we are incomplete without you... then inbox it with your resume to the 'Valley Fresh Team 2014' facebook page so we can meet the incredible YOU! Who knows, you just might win!

The action is non-stop... there is lots to do and lots to learn... but this job has also been described as being some of the most fun a person can have while working...

...are you up for it?.

Take the challenge! Join the cause! Live the dream!

*(Dates are approximate... we open when the fruit is ready for us and close when it is gone. Applicant also needs to be able to commit to being available for "peak season" hours including early June training and so, unfortunately, needs to be out of High School)

Mark Buhr
Apt. #4 339 N Mark's St
Thunder Bay, ON
P7C 4G2



Some people...Ok, MOST people question our behavior, but from time to time we get questions like. .."Where does your fruit come from?"...and "When does (blank) fruit come in?" ...and "Why does the fruit here always taste so much better?"

Alright, I'll spill.

Our approach is to gather from the best sources at any given time. We therefore enthusiastically support any locally grown produce when available. (Strawberries, Peas, Beans, in July, Blueberries, Corn and Spuds, in August. Tomatoes all season, )

The North American fruit season starts from south to north and so from early/mid-June until mid/late July our nectarines, peaches, plums, apricots, grapes etc. as well as early cherries will originate there. Washington produces some of the best tasting cherries in the world and supplies us from late June - mid August. (Rainier cherries usually start early July)

We save the best for last and so from late July until season's end we enjoy serving the best of BC's bounty. This is the stuff you want to preserve!

The corn season follows the same progression, but since production is literally all over the map, we can only say that we get it from the peak producer at that time. (FL, GA, CA, WA, MN, MB, then Thunder Bay is the usual track.)

I can't be more specific than that because so much is dictated by the whims of weather in any given season. Do call us to find out specifics of how a season is shaping up!

As for question #2. Our selection process and 'non-corporate' size enable us to pick off the best varieties from the best growers, have them arrive in small, ripe quantities and then have them in and out to you quickly so that the shelf life is not burned up in some warehouse.

We pay more for the premium fruit and the freight cost of a small shipment but it's worth it in the end!

After all, this is your summer we're talking about!

Relax! Enjoy! Let us provide you with all of the healthy, flavorful, sensory enhancement your fresh fruit fetishes demand ...and it's GUARANTEED!


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